Derek names top ten Donkey Kong games ever made, gets help from ape himself


To celebrate the ape’s 30th birthday and the release of his outstanding 1994 Game Boy title on the 3DS eShop, I’ve tried to pick the best Donkey Kong games of all-time.

And I got a little help—if you want to call it that—from the ape himself.

Watch the video for my picks. If you can stomach more, watch the second half for the conclusion. But what about you, Infendo? What are your favorite Donkey Kong titles? And how pissed are you that I snubbed the boring and stale Donkey Kong 64? Please direct all hate mail to for future refutation on Infendo Radio.


  1. Watched it all, liked the choices but surprised about JungleBeat. Also, why’d you shrink Donkey Kong?

  2. I really liked Donkey Kong 64. :[

  3. I like Donkey Kong Counter 1 and 2, and Donkey Kong Country Returns. I also enjoyed the Mario vs. Donkey Kong March of the Minis.

  4. It’s an ok list. Here are my gripes…

    -I don’t approve of including the original arcade DK after you said DK ’94 was better in every way. I understand that games can be lauded for their influence, but that merit can only go so far. Otherwise Pong would be on the list of ever top ten list.

    – DK land’s inclusion… not sure about that. It can be renowned as a game that pushed the envelope for GB games, but in the end, it was still just a gimped version of DKC.

    – DKC2 should be a lot higher on the list. The game was dark, beautiful, and introduced so many challenges that blew gamer’s minds. Web Woods, I’m lookin’ at you.

    – I loved DK 64 but honestly, I’m more bothered you omitted King of Swing and the March of the Minis games. I thought your exclusion of DK 64 was edgy, but needed some justification in the vid.

    – Don’t let DK on screen ever again.

    Other than that, I liked your commentary on the games you did list.

  5. To the above poster:

    Wrong. Donkey Kong Land is barely anything like Donkey Kong Country 1, the worlds, levels, story, bosses, etc are all completely different. It’s more like a seperate Country game.

    Still, my thoughts:

    Donkey Kong Country 2 should have been higher.

    Donkey Kong 64 should have been included if only for the awesome music.

  6. dk 64 is my favorite 64 game

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