Zelda Skyward Sword in final development stages, will be released after OOT 3DS

Precious few details have been released regarding The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and we still don’t have a release date more specific than “some time in 2011”. However, we did get this tiny tidbit. IGN reports:

According to CEO Satoru Iwata, who briefly mentioned the game at an investors briefing today, development is in the final stages. However, the game’s release will trail that of 3DS’s Ocarina of Time.

Twilight Princess remains one of my favorite Wii titles, and the thought of playing a Zelda game designed for the Wii from day 1 is even more tantalizing. Don’t get me wrong; the Wii remote controls in Twilight Princess felt natural and well thought-out, but the game was still essentially a glorified GameCube port. Skyward Sword, on the other hand, will make heavy use of the Wii MotionPlus, which has been collecting dust at my house since Wii Sports Resort. Basically, we are overdue for a Skyward Sword media blitz. I’m so hungry for new details, I could eat an Octorok.

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