Zelda question for Miyamoto – Should we start practicing for Skyward Sword?

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Wii Sports Resort Sword Fighting

I think Wii Sports Resort might be headed back into my Wii this weekend!

10 Responses to Zelda question for Miyamoto – Should we start practicing for Skyward Sword?

  1. Jake Barber says:

    Geez. I might actually BUY the game just to figure out what it’d be like.

  2. I’ve been wanting to play that again. I’ve only played it for like an hour since i got it. I haven’t played any other motion plus games.

  3. Jake Barber says:

    Actually, Jeez has a “J.” “Geez” sounds like “Geese.” This comment is irrelevant. Continue scrolling.

  4. Drahken says:

    I actually just bought Resort today. Granted, it wasn’t so I could practice for Zelda. I was one game’s worth of coins short of Platinum status for the year in Club Nintendo, and I figured, “Hey, I’m going to need to get MotionPlus anyway.”

  5. llaffer says:

    Yeah, I may have to play more of this game as well. I think I only played it for an hour or two before getting sick of it.

  6. Rick says:

    I hated the sword fighting in Wii Sports Resort, because I had to calibrate my Wiimote all the time and that was just annoying.

  7. Good call, David. From the videos I’ve seen of Skyward Sword, It looks like swordplay’s and archery’s mechanics are exactly like Wii Sports Resort.

  8. Jake Barber says:

    Just bought Wii Sports Resort. I love the idea of this kind of swordplay in Zelda. More strategy, less tapping B or waggling until enemies die. And the archery is excellent. I can’t wait to try Skyward Sword now!

    That said, it’d be really nice if there was a Classic Controller option. I’m lazy.

  9. EdEN says:

    Got Wii Sports Resort pre-ordered last year and picked it up the day of release. Very fun game and WM+ makes a big difference control wise. Really enjoy the rowing and 3 point shoot-out games and play around with the rest as well.

  10. futuramaguy42 says:

    I really like how they are putting the Wii Sports Resort stuff to good use. Besides the archery and sword fighting, it also seems from the looks of the E3 conference that the bombs will be able to be rolled like bowling balls, and Miyamoto even said you could put spin on the bomb. Seems like it’s going to be a really fun Zelda game. The first “true” Wii Zelda.

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