Zelda: Four Swords – Anniversary Edition free to download on 3DS eShop until Feb. 2


This little bit of news came as a slight surprise. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords – Anniversary Edition is available for Nintendo 3DS owners in the US to download for free until February 2. The game was originally available for free in 2011, as part of the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series. If you missed out back then, here’s another chance to nab a great freebie from Nintendo.

In addition to being a girl gamer, Holly prides herself on being a red-head. Consequently, the blue shell in the Mario Kart series is her natural enemy. Don't worry, though: she still loves Mario Kart and is very good, despite the occasional blue shell-sabotaged race. Like any Nintendo fan, Holly also loves Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Kirby...you name it. But she'll try just about anything (besides horror games) and has a soft spot for unique, little-known rhythm games like Rhythm Heaven and Samba de Amigo. NNID: Aeroweth


  1. But not here in Europe. 🙁

  2. Did you guys get A Link to Past on the Wii U virtual console? I think that the re-release of Four Swords Anniversary is partly due to that here. Also, it’s partly to celebrate GameSpot naming A Link Between Worlds as overall game of the year.

  3. I don’t know. I don’t own a Wii U. I can ask a friend of mine.
    I already have A Link to the past for SNES so I’m content. It
    is my favorite Zelda.

  4. Why not Worldwide again? Lame. I have a few friends who bought a 3DS after pokemon XY came out, they would love this. Why isn’t it on the store to buy anyway?

    And still no pokemon bank. Nintendo have really lost their game. They can’t put a foot right lately. I’m a loyal customer and they Are even pushing me more And more toward not supporting them any longer. It looks like there won’t be any account based system until the next round of consoles, Wii U as much as I love the system is dead in the water and is full of promise but no substance, and the 3DS is becoming a joke with the constant delay of Pokemon Bank, a super gimped Miiverse and friend system, introducing forced NNID that locks me out of different regions eShops, the list goes on and on. If there is no Fantasy life and Tomodachi Collection this year on 3DS, and if Bayonetta 2, SSMB, Mario Kart 8 and DKCTF is all I have to look forward to on the Wii U, then I am out. That’s not enough to keep me interested. No sir.

  5. Adza – want to get together and burn Iwata in effigy?

  6. @The Adza

    You’re clearly into video games for anything but the actual games if you think the 3DS is a joke for those reasons. Do you spend all your time moping around instead of actually playing some or all of the amazing games that have come to the 3DS this past year? I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of gamer who, you know, plays games. Miiverse is nice, but it’s not the reason I play good games. The games are there, and whatever side attraction comes along, I couldn’t care less as long as I’m having fun.

    As for the Wii U. Yeah, third party support is lacking. Yeah, the advertising for the thing really sucks. I mean REALLY sucks. And maybe you hate the name. And the GamePad wasn’t the revolutionary thing Nintendo hoped it would be. But gosh, if sticking it out with Nintendo means I still get to play first party exclusives like those you listed, plus whatever Zelda game inevitably comes to the console, consider me sticking it out with a smile. Oh, and you forgot to mention X. And Yarn Yoshi. And whatever Metroid game there will be. No, you didn’t say anything about 2014 only.

  7. Holly – I normally really like your posts, but not this one. Adza (very much like myself) is incredibly frustrated by Nintendo. Yet whenever someone like us complains, fanboys (and girls!) jump down our throats. We don’t fall in line and blindly accept whatever the company produces, and we’re not happy with the current direction.

    It’s not the company we grew up with. We used to have great 3rd party support and tons of new games every month, not a few each quarter. The company is becoming a punchline, or perhaps it already is.

    The problem with the side attractions is that they occupy time at Nintendo that could be spent on giving us what we want. Every post in defense of Nintendo – including the one you just made – focuses on games. That’s what we want from the company, and they’re not listening.

  8. I agree with Lou about this is not the company
    we grew up with.

  9. @Lou

    Hey, if it’s third party games you’re talking about, didn’t I mention that as a weakness of the Wii U? I really love the 3DS. I’m really disappointed with the way Nintendo has handled the Wii U, which I mentioned. The advertising sucks. My brother didn’t even know the Wii U existed until Christmas 2013 when I played it with him. And not only do people not know about the Wii U, but even fans like myself aren’t getting hyped like we would like to through announcements, trailers, and the like. I’m looking forward to Super Smash Bros., but I’m not hyped for it as much as I should be. Nintendo Directs are a good way to get announcements out there, but Nintendo Directs are long and often fairly boring in the way they’re put together. It’s a really bad way to get news and hype out to people who aren’t already die-hard Nintendo fans, and that’s yet another mistake on Nintendo’s part.

    I use first party Nintendo games as a defense for Nintendo because that’s the thing the company has going for it that you can’t get anywhere else. So fine. Anyone who wants to disown Nintendo, be my guest. I’ll will stick around through the hard times to support the games I love.

    And if I knew you were going to see my post as a blind fangirl comment, I would have doubled the amount of text in order to go into thrilling detail of why I’m also disappointed with Nintendo. I am. But I will keep buying good Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros., probably without thinking too much about it. If that makes me a fangirl, well, whatever. I can live with that label.

  10. Well you’re backpedaling now, but your previous post was more of an attack.

    And yes, you’re being blind. Let’s take the advertising for example. I’ve seen Wii U TV commercials, online ads, print ads, and in-store displays. What else do you want? Do you realize how much those in-store displays cost? I’ve seen them in multiple Best Buys, Gamestops and Targets. I can’t remember a single PS4 commercial though. It’s not the advertising – people simply aren’t interested. They made a crap product.

    I coach youth sports. They mostly play on mobile devices, but those who talk consoles basically only talk about the PS4. Some XBone but not as much. All of them know about the Wii U but aren’t interested. I’ve never heard bashing, but there’s no interest. They’re losing an entire generation.

  11. To be fair…

    In Nintendo’s defense…

    The company is where they are today with mascots like Mario, Kirby, DK and Pokemon. Even Link has a toon version. These characters have been part of great games and have made them tons of money. So that’s what they’ve invested in. Why should they care if they have third party support? Oh well, more demand for their own product line. Have a club Nintendo account? Great, register your Nintendo products and get cool stuff. Other games? Got nothing for ya.

    But look at the landscape in the 80s and 90s – everyone had “cute” video game mascots. No one cared about performance, it was 8 bit, then 16, etc., and those differences were huge. But still, Mario was competing with a pudgy hedgehog.

    Fast forward to present times. A young kid on PS4 or XBone controls a character that at first glance, is Adrian Peterson. I don’t play games like Call of Duty, but I’m very impressed by the level of graphic detail. My daughter and I like to play Lego games on the Wii, but the first time I saw one of those games on the PS3 I was stunned. It’s like we weren’t even playing the same game.

    At some point Nintendo either needs to embrace third parties and better graphics, or just get out of the console business. I really don’t see why they need it anyway. Again, if we’re all being honest, we’re a fan of the games. The hardware should be irrelevant.

  12. @Lou

    Okay, I think I understand now. The Wii U is a “crap product” because it doesn’t have specs that are on par with the competition. The quality of its online isn’t even close to the competition. It doesn’t play blu ray discs. There are so many ways it falls short.

    Right? Yeah, I get it. I get why it’s not selling. I get your points. I agree with many of them. What I can’t agree with is all the ad hominem attacks you’re sending my way. Which is why I’m done here.

  13. @Lou

    Yes I will burn an effigy of Iwata with you!
    Even though I absolutely adore him for his Nintendo Directs.

    Calling me a non gamer just because I criticize Nintendo is a blatant fan girl comment. I haven’t sunk 500 hours into pokemon x because I am a non gamer. I haven’t spent over $1000 on the 3DS eShop because I am a non gamer. I’ve seen what they have done with Miiverse on the Wii U and when the 3DS got it, it was a sad gimped version where I can’t even comment on people’s pictures who aren’t my direct friends. I can’t add friends there. I don’t mind that it’s slow as all hell, but it’s basically useless in terms of finding common ground with people and friending them to play on line in Mario Kart 7 or having more Safari zones in pokemon etc. There is two whole
    Screens where some kind of instant messaging app could run in the background and pop up a notification of what friends are doing or playing or posting, but it doesn’t happen. Same for Wii U. I had a Wii U on launch day. I didn’t buy it because I am a non gamer. I believed. I knew it would be a rocky start, but I didn’t think it would be this bad two years on. 3rd party games that do make it to the system are gimped and missing features. Of course I’m not going to support a lesser version when I can get the same on my PS3 with more features and probably cheaper as well.

    I’ve enjoyed 101, Pikmin 3 was great, I’m not into Zelda games as they tend to just bore me about a quarter of the way through (I’ve played ocarina, twilight) so not that interested in WWHD or the mythical Wii U Zelda that fans keep harping on about. I really love Mario games, and 3D world is phenomenal. Lego City Undercover was brilliant too. But seriously all that Wii U is offering in its third year is Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart 8 and SSB. I have my doubts as to X making it this year. And even so, that’s major games this year. Not enough. No where near. Watchdogs looks kind of cool, but I’m not supporting Ubisoft after the Rayman debacle, as well as fear of the Wii U version not being up to par and fully featured.

    I hate that Nintendo have gotten it so wrong this time. I hate that my favourite company is basically dying, not in the corporate sense, but in the traditional sense of having games I’m looking forwArd to all year round, not just a few here and there. And don’t even get me started on how poor the VC is. And it should be one of the easiest things to do. Yet it seems beyond Nintendos reach to put a bunch of old roms up for download. It’s going to take a lot to turn it around, and I don’t think they have the gumption to do it.

  14. Frankly, I don’t get the “crap product” angle — the Wii U itself is a good product.

    The online is free, solid, and feels like an actual gaming community.

    It supports full HD, and even engines like Frostbite and DirectX 11 can work on it.

    The controller’s up to preference, of course, but it’s solidly built, keeps my arms at a comfortable angle, is light and responsive, and a good number of games showcase its use.

    It’s not flying off the shelves, not because it’s a “crap product,” but because the consumer market has drastically changed in the last ten years. Iwata’s said as much, albeit much later than he probably should have.

  15. Nintendo is a business. Their job is to sell – if something doesn’t sell then they failed. It’s their job to know what the market wants.

  16. Except, it’s still too early to tell. One can’t really call something a failure until it reaches the end of its life cycle. Do sales have to pick up rather drastically? Yeah. But the fact that it’s not flying off shelves doesn’t make it a “crap product.”

    Would you call the PS3 a failure?

  17. I don’t know who said it was a crap product, if like me you love Nintendo and have a Wii U you would know it’s not crap, to us, but for the everyday consumer, I can see how it could be labeled as such. The casuals aren’t flocking to it as it’s not the Wii or DS and isn’t the fad of the moment, nor is it cheap and competitive with the smartphone and tablet market where arguably the market that Nintendo grew and catered for all moved to, nor is it catching fire with the core non Nintendo gamer who can get a PS3 or 360 for cheaper with a lot of major 3rd party games, or go the latest round of consoles with the XB1 or PS4 for not much dearer than the Wii U with all sorts of media options, huge hard drives, robust online systems and all the big 3rd party games coming plus a hefty upgrade to graphics after 10 years or so of the same sort of standard which Nintendo are only just reaching (by choice of course).

    Coupled with media bias and negative coverage, and stretching even some of the more loyal fan bases limits, myself included, by not making the games we want to play like F Zero for instance, and the constant milking of Mario game after Mario game, despite their greatness sometimes, with everything they have got wrong and should have seen coming like the demand for an account based system, cross platform VC, an online environment where it’s possible to add friends with whomever you choose easily (hello 3DS and your gimped Miiverse nonsense, another sub par powered console that can’t even handle last gens game engines, losing 3rd parties to the point of extreme software droughts worse than any console to date, this is why it’s labeled as crap and a failure. And just because even I might think that at times, doesn’t make me not like it, hell my Dreamcast and Saturn were more played than any other console I had at the time and i had a pS1, XBox, Ps2, N64, 360 etc. A Product can fail
    And still make me happy at times. I’ve spent hours upon hours just scrolling through a Miiverse marvelling at what people draw and say and where they are up to in games. There is a lot of good in the Wii U. But there are so many things not up to scratch, not what current and previous gen systems can do, it really has become a bit of a joke. The average consumer who has bought a 3DS for example, and is used to account based systems finds out that the NNID doesn’t get their VC games put onto their Wii U (or another 3DS) they are about to buy. The market is used to these things already with again example, iPhones and IPads with the AppStore sharing everything between all devices. That’s a huge turn off. Having to go out and buy a hard drive to download games on, already off putting as the last gen and new gen offer up to 500gb storage space if you choose built in. Nintendo offer 8gb or 32gb. That’s a joke. Buying a Wii U and more space equates to nearly the same price as buying a brand new ps4 with 500gb built in. It’s just one huge mistake after another with Nintendo of late. Casuals don’t care, the core gamer isn’t interested for good reason, and the loyals are wearing thin of this rubbish. It’s sad. But the only way Nintendo will learn and change is by people voting with their wallet and they have already. They aren’t buying into this lazy backward thinking approach. Once upon a time the humble Wii outsold the ps3 and Xbox combined, now the PS4 and XB1 have combined sold more than the Wii U and they haven’t been out for even 6 months. Now we get more bad news in the way of SSB not releasing until end of 2014. MK8 isn’t due til May ffs. Ubisoft have gone quiet on Watchdogs for Wii U. If dedicated Nintendo fans can think the Wii U is crap, even though it can shine sometimes with the right software, then even the most ardent believer can get their head around the fact that the Wii U’s image, and even more importantly Nintendo’s image is crap right now, and forcing region lock on their handhelds and home consoles, releasing underpowered consoles, confusing customers by holding onto the Wii branding, more confusion with the 3DS/2DS branding, the crashing of the Nintendo Network by releasing Pokemon Bank, and still holding out on releasing it over a month past it’s release date in the west, still no account based system and probably won’t be until the next Nintendo generation of systems, the list is endless really with what they have done wrong. Every good thing is tarnished by stupid and blatant head in the sand rubbish that Nintendo is known for. Mario and Zelda just isn’t enough any more to carry them. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it just is.

  18. Yes, in many ways the PS3 was a mistake, and I’ve said that in other threads. Their fans were pissed and now they have a better machine.

    But our fans make lame excuses, and now we’re promised a blue ocean.

  19. I haven’t seen any blue ocean promises, at least not in the latest investor meeting or recent interviews and whatnot. And there’s a difference between excuses and reasons. “The games are good” and “I like the console” are the latter.

  20. The whole new QOL non wearable technology spiel that Iwata was going on about was all about finding a new blue ocean.