Zelda Bonus Disc?

One of the best things about my Wind Waker pre-order was that I got a fancy little trailer and bonus disc with some playable Zelda classics about a month before the game shipped. Any word on if this will be the case for Twilight Princess? If so, how soon before the November launch can we expect an announcement?


  1. Yes I believe there will be a pre-order bonus, I posted a link to that somewhere on my blog. *checks his blog*

    Ah, I found it:

    “While the company has not made any specific announcements regarding such a bonus, they have gone on record that they plan to offer one”

    It’s a nice article, I recommend it.

  2. The pre-order bonus should be the Wind Waker, but with the dungeons they cut out *jabun* and an improved triforce shard hunt. An improved version of the Wind Waker.
    *heres hoping*

  3. I simply don’t believe they’ll be able to top the Wind Waker bonus. It’s just impossible, short of revamping Link to the Past in 3-D, to top the second quest of Ocarina.

    What I would like to see is maybe a making of DVD, or since there is all this hoopla over the orchestrated music, a soundtrack CD.

  4. Wind Waker Triforce Hunt. Barf. Gives me the urge to kill stuff more than San Andreas and The Sims 2 ever could.

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