Infendo Radio – Show #1

You guys finally get to hear how stupid I sound. Big thanks to Scott for the production skrillas and the entire Infendo team for coming up with the content. Follow the source link for the direct mp3 file, subscribe to the show feed here, and we’ll get the iTunes subscription up as soon as it’s live.

Enjoy the show.

(Feedback is welcome! We have no pride.)

[Update: Outro gypsy jazz SMB2 remix by Adrian Holovaty]


  1. nice podca…radio..thing

    perhaps comparable to the 4cr podcast

  2. Awesome show. The orange controller’s colour was called Spice btw.

  3. Great work guys. Nice summary and commentary on recent Infendo chatterings.

    Did you guys do this with GarageBand + iChat? I went to an Apple presentation on podcasting and they showed a neat way to record podcasts via iChat.

    I hope you liked my fake podcast voice .. I normally sound like that guy who does the movie trailer voiceovers, but I thought I’d try something different.

  4. Great Podcast…but how could you forget what Harvest Moon is called! Best game ever…

  5. Great Cast!

    – Neo

  6. Great podcast.

    BTW, the image of mario above has is M yellow like the mcdonalds Golden Arch…its black usually…i think.

  7. I think its red normally…

  8. Great cast guys, I look forward to hearing the later episodes when I get back from india after easter.

  9. The Nintendo64 was previously the Ultra64.

    Good first cast!

  10. Actually before Ultra 64 which was going to be a real name (that itself underwent 2 logo changes), the actual Codename for the system was … (drumroll): “Project Reality”.

    It was named that because of the pseudo reality 3D graphics that the Silicon Graphics workstations could produce, on which N64 was based.

  11. iTunes?

  12. A They Might Be Giants reference!? Sweet.

    “Dial-a-Song, 25 hours a day, 6 days a week, free when you call from work, always busy, often broken.”


  13. Thanks, Mark.. wondered if anyone would catch it.

  14. I would like to hear your comments on great moments in your own gaming history. Times you knew that you were nintendo for life

  15. “Dial-a-Song, 25 hours a day, 6 days a week, free when you call from work, always busy, often broken.”

    I knew that was familiar.

  16. From what I remember of back in the day the chipset is based on the onyx system from SGI used to make Terminator 2 of all things.

  17. just heard the show – it’s fantastic – can’t wait to hear next episode

  18. Great show. Can’t wait for the new episodes.

  19. The question about Game Cube games for a library was interesting. I would pick games that can be picked up and played pretty quickly without a huge time investment. Time on the console is probably going to be limited and memory cards may not be available.

    I would think of a library console as a way of introducing new people to gaming. Avoid excessive violence and games with complex controller schemes.

    My personal bias is to racing games.

    I would pick games like
    -Mario Kart : Double Dash
    -SSX on Tour

    My lids love :
    – Kirby Air Ride

    Back to work…

  20. Get points, Tom.

    I think if I were going to setup gaming in a library setting, I would have to include retro gaming. Pick up a NES and Super NES and get some true classics. Here’s some most haves that you could get for cheap:

    1) Super Mario Bros 1,2,3; Super Mario World
    2) Zelda I, II, and Link to the Past
    3) Pilot Wings
    4) Tetris
    5) Duck Hunt
    6) Kid Icarus
    7) Metroid

    I could list more classic games for ever.

  21. Bake the baby at 870 degrees Farenheit, or until cheese is melted.

  22. One of the better gaming podcasts I have listened to. Scott and Blake – you guys sounded really grounded and humble. I don’t like podcasts where the hosts are arguing over what they know (pissing contests). Strong opinions are good but not at the expense of the listener or the other host.

    Also you guys didn’t sound humdrum or dull. Ugh – that is the worst! I actually wanted to (and did) listen to the show until the end.

    Good first show. This might be the first podcast I subscribe to in iTunes.

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