Where Is Duckhunt For Nintendo Land?


As I scrolled through my Twitter feed I noticed a tweet from @EMP_TriForce_GM telling Nintendo of America that Duck Hunt for Nintendo Land would be cool.  I have to agree, it would be pretty fantastic.

It also got me to wondering, what other classic games have we just forgotten that would make great mini games for a console such as the Wii U?

I have to agree with TriForce and say that an updated Duck Hunt would be on the top of my list.  Maybe Paperboy could make a comeback too?  Gyromite could be interesting utilizing the Wii U gamepad, possibly requiring two players.

What “forgotten” games would you like to see come back as Nintendo Land-esque games?

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  1. A return of Ice Climbers perhaps? That or Hogans Alley.

  2. I really liked the WiiWare versions of some of Nintendo’s NES games, aka Dr Mario Online RX and ExciteBike World Rally. I’d love to see some more downloadable, new versions of other NES games! Mach Rider, anyone? Or a new, arcade-style DK game? Sign me up!!

  3. Stunt Race FX!

  4. StarFox, Ice Climber, Excitebike, PunchOut, Kid Icarus, Wrecking Crew, Mario Bros… There are probably at least another dozen neglected franchises that would make awesome attractions in NintendoLand. Here’s hoping for DLC…

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