Duck hunt

Enough Is Enough: Make Classic Nintendo Titles Free for Switch Owners

Confession time: Sometimes I like to lurk through unfinished Infendo articles from years ago just for kicks. I found one by an apparently ex-Infendo writer named Michael titled “Should Super Mario Bros. Be Free to Play”. While the article wasn’t actually about making old Nintendo games free, it did get me thinking: Isn’t it about time we make the oldest titles part of a pac...

Rumor: Possible Smash Bros. roster leak

We are almost a month away from the release of the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros, which means any last roster reveals from Masahiro Sakurai or Nintendo could pop up soon. However, that hasn’t stopped an anonymous poster from sharing what he or she claims to be the full Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U roster. According to a well-documented thread on NeoGAF, several forum members have posted ima...

Where Is Duckhunt For Nintendo Land?

As I scrolled through my Twitter feed I noticed a tweet from @EMP_TriForce_GM telling Nintendo of America that Duck Hunt for Nintendo Land would be cool.  I have to agree, it would be pretty fantastic. It also got me to wondering, what other classic games have we just forgotten that would make great mini games for a console such as the Wii U? I have to agree with TriForce and say that an updated D...

If Konami made Duck Hunt

Life would be awesomer.

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