Youtube Tuesday – Return of the Brawl Hacks

Seems a group of hackers [DasDonkey Team and Kitty Corp] have created a texture hack that replaces Ike with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Texture hacks aren’t exactly new in the world of brawl hacks, but a complete replacement of character and extensive edits are a little harder to do.

So I want to ask the question, if you could texture edit any character in smash bros brawl and have them replaced with a character of your own design or choosing would you do it?

[Cloud Strife Texture Download]

13 Responses to Youtube Tuesday – Return of the Brawl Hacks

  1. Ptolemy says:

    It seems a pretty cool accomplishment, but thats about all its good for, youtube views. I mean, its very involved. I can do that stuff for games like TF2, where tools for the community are readily available, but thats just it, I won’t. Its a lot of hard work. I’m not a content creator, I’m a consumer type. What makes it even worse for these Brawl mods, its very difficult to share and recreate these mods. On a computer game you’re dumping some files in a specific folder, and some people can’t even handle that. For modded Wii game, yeah, I don’t even want to think about what is involved in that. Maybe I’d try it if someone gave me a free console to mess up. So its impressive yes, would I do it, no.

    As far as hacking and homebrew go on the Wii, I don’t mind it as long as it isn’t used to steal or grief, obviously in this case, its A-OK by me.

    Here’s the one time it ticked me off…
    Even then, it wasn’t THAT bad. I kind of enjoyed it in the end.

  2. David says:

    I’d swap in Chibi-Robo.

  3. Legend says:

    I want my Ike back 🙁

  4. Can they hack Brawl so that the online is playable? 🙁

    Seriously, I’d still be playing the hell out of that game if the online was at least bearable. It’s so good… it had the potential to be so much more, though, with a decent online architecture.

    I’m sad just thinking about it.

  5. Chooch says:

    This made me realize just how bad I want a character like Cloud or Crono in this game. Lol

  6. Guch says:

    I saw a couple players who had Ike as Squall Leonhart from FF8 instead of Cloud.

    That’s who I would have picked, and that’s good enough for me!

  7. muggy8 says:

    brawl for me online is actually really good… probably because there is not as much players online these days. as far as who i want to replace… hmmmmm… how about drop lucario for neku (the world ends with you) and id like to drop king ddd for laharl (disgaea ds) and lose donky kong for Adell (disgaea 2)

  8. Neon says:

    I would make squirtle turn into mudkip and…somebody into toon zelda.

  9. Alexis says:

    Ewwwwww! Who got their Final Fantasy in my Nintendo?


  10. -_Q says:

    I am not sure exactly how it would work,
    and yes we already have quite the slew of Zelda characters,

    But I always felt that Majora/Skull Kid would’ve been a very interesting character in Brawl and it was a shame he wasn’t in there.

    A character replacement for it/him might be tough, but I would think that it just depends what elements about him you want to emphasize.

    Mischievousness totally works with a Diddy Kong swap,
    but also more magic/floating elements could be implemented using a character like Lucas/Ness. But there already ARE Lucas and Ness.

    Better yet,
    A Peach swap. It would have to be almost an entire rebuild, but imagine another hover-based character with a new variety of attacks. Many characters play similarly, but this would allow a new character in a certain genre without being a straight-up clone.

    A Peach turned Majora/Skull Kid would be incredible, needless to say.

    Final Smash doesn’t even need to be discussed.

    And Young Link from Majora isn’t in this game, so the pain will cometh unhindered.

  11. Shadow95 says:

    I would like to hollow Ichigo Bleach.replacing Ike.

    (Sry for english,im Japanese)

  12. Shadow95 says:

    como se? llama la cancion?

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