You review Contra 4

Contra 4There have been a spate of reviews on Infendo lately, each written by several different Infendo writers in their own unique style.

Today, I’m adding a twist.

Do you have Contra 4 yet? Have you played it inside and out? Do you have an opinion about it? Coincidentally enough, I too am about to embark on an alien ass kicking mission of my own, and like the Borg want to combine your biological uniqueness with my own. Don’t worry, it’s totally painless.

Send your super specific impressions about Contra 4 to the Infendo Tip Line with the subject line “You Review Contra 4.” Try and pick a specific point to write about, instead of a wide ranging review of the entire game. Was the sound so nostalgic it sent you back to the 1980s? Did the action on the top screen distract you? Was the grappling hook a worthy addition to the franchise? Be visual and descriptive as if, say, a reporter were going to quote what you were saying in an article he was writing.

Let us know, and watch Infendo in the near future for the results of this grand experiment.