Review: Carnival Games

Creating a game that captures the spirit of a carnival shouldn’t be too hard. Carnival Games brings you almost everything you’d find on a midway, minus the smells. Most of the minigames are fun, you’re not required to “walk around” to play games, and the sound effects are perfect. I’m not a fan of collecting items in games, but they’ve made it pretty simple to acquire the different toys and prizes without having to seek out too many hidden secrets.I was surprised how much fun I had playing this game while talking on the phone. I was in the middle of playing the Ring Toss game when my sister called. I talked to her for almost twenty minutes while racking up a bunch of points. “Mindless fun” could be a good way to sum up the whole game.

The biggest flaw in this game is the character creation system. Wii comes with one built in, so they should use it. The character choices they came up with look a bit ghoulish, not to mention the fact that you can’t choose your skin tone, if you get my point.

So I say definitely rent Carnival Games if you like the mindless fun of the state fairs.