Yeah, <em>that</em> controls real well, buddy


Still pretty cool, though. (Thanks, Josh)


  1. Maybe it’d be more successful with a 3D world… like Super Mario 64 probably?
    Though I suppose turning wouldn’t be that smooth.

    I dunno, I know it’s possible to make Kinect work, it’s just too abstract without a joystick/d-pad. Perhaps less control on the camera and more options on the screen is the way to go (much like how iPod/iPhone games use a touch-screen joystick)? …like an on-screen joystick or something? I dunno.. someone’s gonna’ have to figure it out to make Kinect games work smoothly (that aren’t on-rails).

  2. This just proves Kinect will never work for any games other than party and dance games. People think the Wii is bad for Party games. In one year from now I predict the Wii will be hardcore and Xbox will be casual.

  3. First good game on Kinect, am I right?

    I think it says a lot about Kinect’s prospects that a) people would rather play ancient 8-bit games on Kinect than the ones specifically designed for it and b) apparently Kinect controls for crap on the intuitive video game of the 8-bit era.

  4. @Jeff

    You’d have to be crazy to not think Dance Central’s a good game.

  5. Well then I must be crazy because it isn’t. It’s certainly not worth $200. I don’t care what reviews it has received. (Seriously, a motion based dance game, the kind of stuff called shovelware on the Wii is now some kind of highly advanced, must-have game on the Kinect? Please.)

  6. @Jeff
    Never said it was worth the $200 pricetag of a kinect, but I am saying the game’s darn good.
    Just Dance isn’t technically shovelware, as shovelware often has several implications – and only one or two apply to the Just Dance series. In the same respect, neither does Dance Central apply to that “shovelware”. In fact, almost every other game other than Dance Central for the kinect is shovelware.
    Difference between the two is that Just Dance expects you to dance (you don’t have to, you just flick the Wiimote and you’d win… though it misses the point entirely), Dance Central actually knows you’re dancing and judges you for it (which more people on both sides of the market find intriguing).

    If a game reads your intended moves closer than any other game in existence and entertains its intended audience: It has to be given props.

  7. yeah I agree with what Mark said about how the wii will be more traditional gaming adnd the Xbox will go more of the route the wii was on. Super blue ocean based. I think we will see more crap games on Kinext that fail to use the camera and the device properly. Crap games like , oh say…. Wii Music? LOL

    Kinext is nothing more than a copycat of wii. I tried a demo of it recently at Best Buy adn walked away very unimpressed with it. 🙁 Seriously, are people going to be playing a super rich compelling game with this? Are we seriously going to be playing Halo using this thing??!! I think not!! Mark my words, KINECT WILL FLOP AND IS THE NEXT VIRTUAL BOY!!!!

  8. It’s weird that people are sheep and are actually buying Kinect since MS is marketing the hell out of it…

  9. THe price of Kinect is outrageous. People can just go out and buy a wii and some games. Much better games. Plus the wii comes with games, does Kinect? no. Dance Central is nothing more than a glorified version of Dance Dance Revolution. I predict in one year, Kinect will be in a bargain bin for $50 and $20 games for it.

  10. “If a game reads your intended moves closer than any other game in existence and entertains its intended audience: It has to be given props.”

    A) Dance Central is not that advanced. I saw guys racking up good scores just flailing around.

    B) It doesn’t deserve props for being an expensive webcam dance game that’s marginally better than another piece of shovelware on the Wii. Who cares? Both games suck.

  11. on topic:

    that is really really cool, but completely impractical.

    a little off topic:

    i don’t know about you guys, but many follow the leader, simon type games, i just don’t find as appealing as say like a zelda game. and i don’t think i personally ever will find them that appealing. i have no doubt that kinect does dance games better than wii. however, i very much doubt those type of game genres will ever be critically acclaimed games. same goes with many music games. my personal taste is that even wii music is better than those type of games, because it lets you improvise, and you get to put your own creative spin on the song. but that’s just what i prefer i guess.

    the problem with kinect is movement of your character in a 3D or 2D environment. without an analog stick, i’m not sure how they solve that problem. if someone can, this kinect thing will be the one that rules them all, at least at this moment in time. just look at mario’s movement in this video. he controls it by walking to the left, and walking to the right sides of the screen. middle of screen means mario is stationary. although its ingenious, that will not solve the problem for any game. i think someone will solve that problem eventually with some creativity, but that is not the solution.

  12. And this is why console developers spent decades perfecting the game controller…

    Let’s face it, motion detection and motion remotes work well on only certain type of games. When you get down to the more nuanced type of games, you need a device that can receive input from each one of your fingers.

    Nice try, though!