XSEED Games developing a grudge with Wii

Publisher XSEED Games today announced Ju-On: The Grudge, a horror game for Wii based on the popular 2003 Japanese film.

The game is being developed by the Japanese studio Feel Plus and will hit North America in October 2009.

According to XSEED, Ju-On: The Grudge is exclusive to the Wii.

In today’s official press release, the publisher states Takashi Shimizu, the creator of the original movie, is working alongside the development team as a creative consultant.

While Wii is home to plenty of different simulators, Ju-On: The Grudge is being called the system’s first “haunted house simulator.” Players use the Wii Remote as a flashlight to explore frightening locales such as abandoned warehouses and darkened hospitals.

IGN today reported the following vague plot details:

It is said that when a person dies with a deep and burning grudge, a curse is born. When an average housewife in Nerima, Japan, was murdered in a grisly fashion, it gave rise to a curse so powerful that it threatens to kill at a pace thought unimaginable before.

The curse manifests on those who encounter the curse by any means, such as entering the house or being in contact with somebody who was already cursed. Once Erika Yamada is exposed to the curse while searching for her dog in an abandoned warehouse, the entire Yamada family is put in grave danger as soon as she reunites with them at home. They must now face their individual challenges alone, and only by overcoming the curse together will their family truly be free again.

“Ever since I first heard about this unique concept, this is a game I’ve been looking forward to,” says XSEED president Jun Iwasaki. “Ju-On: The Grudge makes quick scares accessible to anyone with a Wii.”

“Players can even hand the Wii Remote to their mother and enjoy watching her play and get scared.”

Expect more on Ju-On: The Grudge as it develops.