Worms worms its way into the top 20 DS games ever

Worms warfareWorms interest me. And I’m not talking about the ones that clog the streets after a heavy rain, or the ones that can attack your poochy’s heart. No, the ones I crave have weapons of war, and drive tanks, and kick ass.

So, it was with a slight tear in my eye today that I read Worms 2: Open Warfare is getting a warm, napalm-esque reception on the review scene. Truly, there is no smell greater than waking up to napalm in the morning, especially if it’s tinged with the odor of your incinerated Lumbricus terrestris enemies. Hoo-rah.

On a bigger scale, what this game represents is the fact that third party players can make great games for Nintendo hardware. I seem to remember someone saying that was an issue in the past. Oh, that’s right, that’s what EVERYONE says about Nintendo systems. Hopefully this goes a long way in dispelling that, at least on the DS anyway.

On a sad note, this kind of game reminds me that I have no way of buying all the games I want for DS and Wii over the next three months…