Animal Crossing Hacked

4 color rebellion had an exclusive look at a DS hacker who has gained full control over his Animal Crossing DS game. 4cr writes, “Whilst various people have hacked Animal Crossing, the word on the net was that the hacker known only as Parasyte is the only player in the world who can affect the game environment in real time, hooking up his DS to a personal computer using something known as a Xport … I wanted to really put him to the test and requested he ‘materialized’ some rare items. Sure enough, seconds later, a full set of Golden tools pop up from nowhere – very impressive.”

Check out their latest podcast for an interview with the Animal Crossing hacker, Parasyte.

While that sounds like fun, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of the game. Given the chance would you cheat your virtual village, and if so what would you change?

[Source: 4 color rebellion]