Infendo Radio 168 gets back on track <br><font size=1>Spirit Tracks, Stock Prices, and Top Games oh my! </font>



Infendo Radio covers rising stock prices, Amazon top-seller dominance, first-week sales records, and more! Don’t miss Will’s impressions on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and a teaser discussion for Infendo’s picks for best games of the decade!

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Disclosure: This week’s discussion contains a list of the top innovations of the decade, which was mistakenly uncredited. The original list and article can be found at the Heard Mentality


  1. I was going to email this to you guys, but wanted to start a discussion.

    Wanted to weigh in on the discussion about online groups gaming. I wanted to disagree with the statement that there are no online communities for gaming on the Wii. Check out You can sign up there for a profile, enter in all your friend codes, and form teams/clans to move up in the ranks. They have succesfully set up a platform for people to play together in a very well done community.

    Also, another great community that has been set up in spite of Nintendo’s friend-code method is the Pokemon community at Most of their stuff is done on message boards, but they have their own league set up, with rules and rewards that are displayed on each member’s profile.

    I think these two examples (and many others that could be cited) are testaments to the fact that people REALLY want to do online gaming on the Wii, they just are forced to do it outside of Nintendo’s umbrella. If Nintendo would get with the program and get a platform similar to X-Box Live they would do great great things.

  2. Lets see those lists!!!