DS Resident Evil

According to several sources, Capcom is apparently working on a Resident Evil game for the lovely DS handheld. The game is suppose to be a remake of the original, only adding the much better control and gameplay of RE4 mixed with some DS stylus action.

Who knows, could be a winner if it’s anything like RE4 (best game of the year).

[Source: PALGN]


  1. Well we know the graphics won’t be anything like RE4 lol But if it plays like RE4 man that would be cool. Tapping zombies, I can see new puzzles with the hunting knife. Oh what the heck new puzzles in general!

    So i guess you’d initiate targeting mode by pressing a digital button then use the stylus in conjuction with a botton on the Dpad to shoot.

    Awesome, reloading could be done with the stylus too, imagine having to reload the shotgun manually(this would slow the fight scenes down considerably) Who knows how this will turn out but i’m sure it will be a killer app.

  2. I’m hoping this is the case and not just a rumor. But its also interesting that they’d choose the DS over the PSP because the PSP would be able to provide higher quality graphics. But obviously they looked past that (if true) and would rather have a possibly better and ultimately more unique gaming experience. But ya, I hope this is true.

  3. Now that would be cool!

    I wasn’t too keen on the first RE (it was RE2 that got me into them), and I haven’t actually played RE4 (which I’m going to pick up soon thanks to the presence of a GameCube in my house at last!), but I’d be very interested to see how that would turn out.

    Although I’ll say one thing: Metroid Prime Hunters plays ok for a short time, but it kills the hand holding the console after a while. Having to use the d-pad and one of the shoulder buttons while stretching your fingers all the way under the console to give you something to push against is hard work, and could be a big negative for this title.

    It might be the only negative, but a big one all the same!

  4. RE always draws mainstream attention to a console. So I think that is GREAT news for the DS….
    I don’t likle RE too much, but I’m probably going to check it out….

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