Nintendo news round-up: To no one’s surprise, we won’t be seeing a Nintendo phone, toaster, or dishwasher anytime soon


– This strikes me more as non-news, but apparently the fact that Sony and Microsoft create phones meant someone felt it would be pertinent to hound Nintendo about whether they’ll be dabbling in non-gaming tech such as cell phones themselves. To my endless relief, the answer was a resounding no, with Reggie Fils-Aime stating “We have no desire to get into telephony.” I say, good. Leave the tinkering in various other electronic markets and convergence devices to the rest, and Nintendo can continue their laser focus on the things they do best — making outstanding consoles and games. ( CNN )

– Weaksauce 3DS battery life got you down? It’s Nyko to the rescue, with their new Charge Base product which claims to double the standard battery life of the 3DS. That would put the $29.99 Nyko offering at around 6 – 10 hours of staying power. Still not as good as the DS lite, but if it really delivers, maybe it could be a worthwhile investment for gamers who spend a lot of time on the go and don’t want to have to be plugged into a power source all the time. On the downside, Nyko’s battery increases the bulk of the 3DS, and adds extra cost on top of the $249.99 system cost which may be off-putting in itself. Are you going to try picking up the Nyko Charge Base? ( Nyko )

– Remember Infendo’s post long ago about the 8-bit Weezer album created by Pterodactyl Squad for free download? They’re at it again, this time with an 8-bit variation of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon. Grab the free download from the link, here. ( PTE Squad )

– Infendo reader Pedro Rivera sent in this picture, demonstrating how fans welcome the 3DS at a Gamestop in Plaza Carolina, PR. This guy takes the cake for super fandom. ( Infendo )

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  1. first
    the 3ds battery is appalling i think under normal gaming conditions, 4/5 brightness, audible sound and 3d halfway, i got less than 3 hours so its basically gotta be charged every night like a cell phone but because i dont take long plane rides or such i dont think i am in the market for nyko’s nifty peripheral. also the charging dock allows you to pretty much have it fully charged whenever your home and not playing with it and last but not least i wanna add that i am loving my system battery woes aside

  2. A completely unrelated question: Will Nintendo ever re-release donkey kong 64?

    And what are we suppose too do with the old battery’s? It would be cool too have 2 in case 1 dies.

  3. Sal,

    According to Rare themselves, they have no idea why Donkey Kong 64 hasn’t appeared on the Virtual Console:!5382033/rare-who-knows-why-donkey-kong-64-hasnt-hit-the-vc

    Kotaku suggests this has to do with the fact that Microsoft owns Rare now, but that didn’t stop the DKC series from appearing on Virtual Console, so who knows? It was my least favorite of all of Rare’s DK games, so I don’t really miss it much. But it sounds like this is a question for Nintendo, not Rare.

    As for your old batteries… well, there’s no reason to throw it away. You might as well hold onto the standard battery in case you decide to sell the 3DS someday.

  4. I think Nintendo would do better if they make a software/store for Android phones instead of making a phone.

  5. Chelsea,

    Isn’t that more or less the same reason why Goldeneye for the N64 never was on the Virtual console either?

  6. if nintendo started making phones and other devices it wouldnt be any different from every other company out there

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