Does Anyone Still Play Face Raiders?

I Love my 3DS. It has an excellent library of games, downloadable content, Netflix, StreetPass and more. I have spent several hours saving Hyrule, racing Karts, finding the Princess, taking on the Underworld forces… The list could go on and on. One game though, has been on my 3DS since Day One yet I have not played since the day I turned my system on… Face Raiders.

Seriously, does anyone still play this game?

With so many great games available its easy to overlook this this title. It is a simple and clever little piece of software that makes good use of the the features and really shows off what the handheld can do. But honestly, who is going to sit down for a intense session of Face Raiders when games like Mario Kart & Kid Icarus exists? And how many of you have tried to convince your friends to buy a 3DS with Face Raiders? Even the AR Games app gets more attention than Face Raiders. I would imagine very few people are persuaded after pelting their friends face with yellow balls to go buy a 3DS of their own. I’m not saying that Face Raiders is a bad game. In fact, after picking it back up to play it for this article I have to say that it is very enjoyable. I’m just saying that it can and is overlooked. It’s filler… something to do until you get your first actual 3DS title.

Am I wrong? Are there devout Face Raider Fans out there? What are your thoughts?



  1. I don’t really play it either, but for anyone who is unacquainted with the system or doesn’t have their own, they usually play it on my unit as a one-time thing.

  2. I probably play it once a month or so, usually because I’ll have my 3DS on at the main menu screen on sleep. Then when I decide to open it up, I’ll sometimes get a round or two in.

  3. Cody, Face Raiders is one of my favorite games of all time, and I still play it a lot. Seriously, give it a chance. It’s not just a cute tech demo, it’s a work of genius. This is a game that occasionally sneaks into your SD card photo library and is smart enough to recognize faces in your stored photos, and then extract those faces for surprise guest invaders!

    Here’s the thing. Creativity plays a huge part in this game. Like Warioware D.I.Y. — another brilliant game — you get out of it what you put into it. Don’t just rely on your own face or your friends and family. Pull up celebrity mugs on your PC monitor and turn them into alien invaders! Draw cartoons and use them as your subjects! You can truly have a blast with this amazing piece of software. If you haven’t beaten all the bosses and unlocked all the bonus levels, you really haven’t seen this game strut its stuff.

    It was one of the best games at launch (snicker) and it’s still amazing. Best built-in game ever. Sure beats that snail maze that came built into the Sega Master System.

    And, while I’m at it, if anyone out there has not yet unlocked and beaten the AR game Archery 2 (which goes much further into crazyland than the intitial Archery game), you’re missing one of the 3DS’s most mind-blowing offerings.

    Oh, yeah, I like Face Raiders. 🙂

  4. I try to every once in a while when there is nothing else to play, but I quickly bore of it. It is essentially an iPhone game, so it doesn’t keep me entertained for very long.

  5. Once was enough for me.

  6. i havent touched it since launch.

    I didn’t really enjoy it, to be honest… Don’t even remember if I finished it.

  7. Haven’t played in a while. But I have Obama, Bush, Hitler, and a few other popular/well known faces on there. lol

  8. Forgotten about that app, I have been too busy getting my ass handed back to me in Mutant Mudd.

  9. I don’t play it much. Mainly because i suck at it. It’s fun though.

  10. I play every now and then, I can’t beat the last boss though. I do like adding wacky faces including: rupaul, Britney spears, bevo the uT mascot and a Pomeranian.

  11. doe nintendo 2ds have face raiders because I love face raiders.

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