It’s raining classics!

The Ambassador NES games, as mentioned in the earlier post’s comments below, debuted ahead of schedule this morning! If you bought a 3DS before August 12, you’re now the proud owner of ten free NES games. What do you think? Awesome gameplay? Sprites a bit hard to see at that size? Which one’s your favorite? I’m leaving my sense of irony at the door (yes, it is funny that one of 3DS’s very best games is now Super Mario Brothers) and just loving the fact that I now have 10 classic NES games on one device. It’s happy time.


  1. Having the all the games one one device has made me want to carry my 3DS around with me all day. I hope that continues to be the case as I download more eShop games and get more Nintendo goodies in the form of GBA games.

  2. I’m SO GLAD I have Balloon Fight. I missed this game.
    The other games are awesome too. But seriously, I just missed Balloon Fight.

  3. I love having all these classics in my pocket everyday!
    I haven’t played half these games, and am looking forward to tring ice climbers, baloon fight..etc.!
    I have known of these games for a long time, but, never got a chance to play as a kid cause I could only rent one game every once in a while.

    great way to catch up on things missed as a child!!!

  4. i forgot how utterly frustrating Donkey Kong Jr. is, ha!

    I am enjoying these games- especially Zelda and Metroid.

  5. The 3DS both games big and small, and it’s a nice fit – if you actually have the time, you can go through something like Metroid or Zelda, but it’s especially great to have something like Yoshi – perfect for just a quick fix. Neat stuff, and hopefully we get a modern save system on them, too.

  6. I still can’t believe that Nintendo released these 10 NES games on the eShop a day earlier than the 9/1/2011 day arrival. To me, this is an act of Nintendo some what making up for a bit more with the whole Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program and having to put a price drop on the Nintendo 3DS also. Even if it wasn’t selling so good as they hoped it would since launch. What I like more is the Ambassador Certificate they allow you to download with the free NES game downloads also. Besides giving you future updates for that, it’s good to know that they’re trying to think more of the Nintendo hardcore and core fan base imo.

  7. I only had time to download Super Mario Bros before work and yes, the sprites look tiny! The other picks for me are probably Donkey Kong and NES Open Golf. I’ll download the others but am not expecting too much as they probably haven’t aged to well. The GBA games on the other hand will be awesome!

  8. I downloaded most of them last night.

    I was pretty disappointed that you can’t use the “restore” save function, but the rumor is that they might add that functionality in the future.

  9. What do I think, oh crap I forgot to charge my 3ds thats what I think.

  10. My thoughts now is can I download all of these with no repercussion.

  11. I hope the GBA games are too far of.

  12. Sadly, I am finding some of the controls a bit suspect- on Donkey Kong JR. at least. Jump only seems to work about 60% of the time. I haven’t really dabbled with any of the others yet.

  13. @Kai: DK Jr. jump working 60% of the time?
    That actually sounds about right for any version of that game I’ve ever played! 🙂

    The controls for Mario and Zelda feel spot-on.

  14. A portable NES Open Tournament Golf is the greatest thing that’s happened in a long time. I’ll be playing that a lot.

  15. After one day I can say there was no game I wanted so I didn’t get my money’s worth I played metroid some I didn’t get into it and I don’t know about legend of zelda 2.
    I can’t seem to get into any games lately maybe its me.

  16. Mario and Metroid are great, as usual. But the unexpected gem of the bunch (for me) is Yoshi. I could play it all day!

  17. @ Richard – I dunno; I had an eReader version on my old GBA that worked wonderfully.

  18. @holly, try playing the 2 player mode in yoshi for 8 columns of fun. Simultaneously hit L & R then Y to switch sides.

    The nes open golf is my favorite along with wrecking crew. DK jr is great but with only 4 levels it gets repetitive quick.

  19. Zelda 2 for a real challenge

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