Word on the striit

Speaking of the rumor mill, EGM had a couple Wii morsels this issue for those who don’t read it (good for you).

According to the Q-man, Namco Bandai is serving up 3 new Katamaris, one for each new console. He gives the impression that each will be unique to its console, which gets NB a pat on the back, an A for effort and your money.

The second one barks up my tree louder than Katamari. They say that those Miis you’re parading around will be your online personas in Wii’s Animal Crossing. Oh, and tell your Plain Jane brown-shirted Mii to keep her chin up — supposedly, the accessories and clothing you get in AC will transfer over to other Mii games, such as Wii Sports. But don’t floss too hard, playboys. You’ll hurt yourself.

And this post officially retires my use of Wii puns in titles. Looking forward to these coming true?