WiiSports in a word: robust

Cubed recently got some hands on time with WiiSports, the pack-in game with the Wii, and I think the article goes a long way to dispel the concerns some might have about this title. What struck me most about the hands on review was the amount of flexibility the player has — with the tennis game especially (figuratively and literally). It sounds simple to do the moves, but at the same time there are plenty of options available for the player to execute.

“In Wii Tennis for example, all you have to do to hit the ball is physically swing your arm (holding the main Wii controller like a tennis racket) and off flies the ball. You can add top spin by hitting over the ball, backspin by hitting under the ball and slice and sidespin by hitting the ball at different angles. You can hit lob shots, drop shots, passing shots, power shots, smash shots, volleys…whatever you like. And nothing feels awkward or difficult to do. If you want to hit a power shot you simply swing your arm faster, if you want to hit a lob you simply swing your arm up a bit.”

Some have attacked this game as a rehashed tech demo, but I imagine those folks haven’t actually played it, and this review goes a long way towards debunking an ill-informed description. Like Blake with CoD3, I’m getting exited too (excited 😉 ).