WiiMotion Plus demo — The future of gaming is now

In case you didn’t know, the second half of that headline was uttered originally in some form or another by the fellas over at Sony about the PS3 a few years ago. It never happened, however. It couldn’t, because this video and Wii MotionPlus is it.

It’s a simple demo, but as I’ve been trying to say for a while now, it’s the potential of these things that’s so amazing. If you didn’t think of at least a half dozen or so game ideas, or tweaks for existing genres, you’re a zombie. Tennis games will be reinvented; sword fighting games will become the new channel-clogging mini-games we complain about today; weapons will behave like real weapons, as opposed to “push triangle button to swing.”

And believe me, the software is coming for this accessory, just like it has for the DS and the Wii (the latter just hitting its stride with third parties this year, IMO). Red Steel is on board and you can bet developers, the talented ones anyway, already have their cocktail napkins full of ink and future profits.