Wii Zapper is soooo worth your $20…


… thanks to Link’s Crossbow Training.

It’s a great, albeit short game — most will finish it in about 1-2 hours. But then again it’s $20 and comes with a cool piece of thick plastic. I was initially frustrated with the third-person levels that require thumbstick movement, but after 10 minutes I was moving like a pro and rather enjoyed it. I earnestly look forward to playing more games using the Zapper after playing Crossbow.

Contrary to what other reviewers have been saying, the tommy-gun like peripheral does augment the gaming experience in my opinion. It takes some getting used to, but it feels as fresh and enjoyable as when I first pop-ed in Wii Sports a year ago.

And just because the Zapper is low tech doesn’t make it unworthy. The Wii’s low-tech, and that thing’s awesome.

Verdict: Buy this.

NOTE: Some stores including Target and GameStop are going against the $20 MSRP and charging $25 for the bundle. Go frugal if you can, but I’d say the package is worth $30 in the case you shell out $25.


  1. Still holding out until someone trades the game in.

  2. I bought one and i have mixed opinions to it. I’d say that for the Link’s game, it works well, because that game is 100% built around the accessory and is designed to make it successful. However, I also have Call of Duty 2 and in campaign mode, it takes away from the complex controls, which I feel make the game more immersing. In the arcade mode (which makes the game into a shooter where it controls your movement on rails) it made my accuracy feel a little off for a few minutes. Eventually, I found holding the Zapper like a rifle actually improved my accuracy opposed to the regular controls and brought me very much into the game. I don’t understand why so many people are bashing the Wii Zapper, it’s not amazing, but it’s not a bad diversion. I think that because it shares the name of the beloved Zapper from the NES days, a lot of us original NES fans expect it to live up to the name. I remember when I first had a zapper as a kid and even my dad was impressed by the technology at the time. So, maybe an empty shell should have been called the Wii Remote-Nunchuk Plastic Firearm Shaped Shell Of Science, rather than Zapper.

  3. i prefer the above name over ‘zapper’, you win!
    i’m all for a cheap handgun 3rd party knock-off…wish i still had some toy guns from back in the day….one was all camo, the action worked and it made noise…how about a moded ‘gun’ on that…either way…i’m a sucker for wii extra’s, and it’s $20, i’ll get it.

  4. I haven’t tried it yet, so maybe I’d love it. But for now, I have 0.00% interest in a plastic shell that kind of feels like a gun. I think it’s a waste of Nintendo’s resources to be focusing on something like that.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion. Enjoy your zappers. I’ll be playing SMG instead.

  5. Exactly where are you guys finding it????

    I’ve looked around to no avail. Where did you pick it up?

  6. I’ll wait for someone to eBay the game.

  7. I have it, and so far I have a meh reaction to it. It’s a nice time waster, and it’s ok in RE:Umbrella Chronicles, but I can’t say it’s a must own by any means.

  8. What games play well with it, other than Link’s Crossbow Training and RE: Umbrella Chronicles?

    I might get it, but I’m still waiting to see if Nintendo comes up with a better wheel-plastic-thingy that can be used in Excite Truck!

  9. Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2 is “Zapper-ready” for the arcade mode. Need to get a Zapper tonight and write a review of the experience of playing MOH with and without the plastic add-on.

  10. i tried to get it at best buy and was told that it was delayed for a week so i walked the few feet down to gamestop where they had about 20 and paid about $26 for it its still worth it i probably would have spent that on just the game if i had to but nintendo hooked it up with the zapper shell too one thing i like about this new one is that i can use either hand where if i tried to aim with my left hand using the old zapper it wasnt happening

  11. Good. All I kept hearing was zapper bashing from people who probably haven’t even used one yet. This entry made me feel better. (I still haven’t gotten to use it yet, either, but I’m not gonna whine about it)

  12. Also, brog35: Ever heard of punctuation marks? Yeesh.

  13. Wii Zapper is soooo not worth your $20…

    The Wii zapper is another poiece of junk made by nintendo. it just makes simple fun gaming a dread.

  14. the zapper must be great if nintendo haters hate it also, thanks for your seal of approval

    on another note, yeah, most that have been bashing it either hadnt played it or played it in public places just a few minutes, where you cant get too comfortable.

    either way, its not for people that are used to mouse controls, and especially not for people that are great at aiming with the wiimote. what it is for is partly to give anybody a more immersive experience, but i think moreso, to help people that arent good at shooting get comfortable with aiming the gun and getting better in a game.

    being able to use 2 hands with the zapper allows for better stabalisation for people with not as steady arms. it really can be helpful to your friends or family who only say they dont play shooters because they cant aim for nothing.

    though, how can you not imagine that holding your hands in positions closer to how you would a gun isnt more emersive then the way you are holding the wiimote now.

  15. Right on Blake! The Zapper is awesome and worth the money for such a cool game. I bought 2 of them yesterday. I played it with my brother all night. (my second copy of the game is now up for auction) hint hint…

    Yes, everyone, this is a small risk you can afford to take. Go ahead and pick up this little plastic bundle. It’s a lot of fun. I honestly felt that my aiming was improved by having more to hold onto. This is a good time for all. Go Nintendo!

  16. I actually really like the Zapper! It’s comfortable to use and doesn’t hurt my hands after holding it for a prolonged period of time like I thought it would. I don’t understand why so many people don’t like it.

    In any case, I had to walk to my nearest GameStop (car troubles) to get it (for $25), and was very surprised to find that it was the last one they had in stock.

  17. My local Best Buy had 1 left this afternoon when I went to pick it up. Bought it for $19.99.

  18. i’m loving the zapper! Links Crossbow Training alone is worth the 20 bucks. 27 (short) stages, all different and all using zelda themes? YES PLEASE! Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum medals a la Wii Sports? YES PLEASE!

    Not only that, but the zapper works WONDERS for Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2 Arcade…it’s phenomenal! Like you’re in the arcade. Holding a gun (which steadies your aim imo), cocking it back like a shotgun to reload, squeeze the Z button to zoom in, pull the control stick back to duck, then squeeze Z to peek over obstacles…… REALLY REALLY FUN.

  19. It sounds like a very nice little mini game Nintendo has here, but nothing more. And for 20 bucks you cant really go wrong . However, do you guys honestly think that there will be an other game, designed from the ground up, specifically for the Zapper? Or the chances of a real, full length game, that actually uses the Zapper in a way that can not be done already with the Wii mote?
    Sure there will be games that you can use it on, but so far they are less enjoyable with the Zapper, at least according to many reviews.

    While both not a bad deal and seemingly some decent fun , you wont see me littering my living room with cheap, plastic, useless, shell peripherals in the coming months. I will stick to the revolutionary Wii mote. A
    fter all, its all you need.

  20. heres hoping for virtual console duck hunt.

  21. I have seen them at Kmart, had around twenty of them!! Didn’t pick one up though… still getting through Fire Emblem 😛

  22. I actually enjoyed the “Zapper” and Link Game. I liked the sub-machine gun feel to it (much better than the Super Scope which let us down). My only complaint for Link’s Crossbow Training is that I couldn’t configure the trigger button to the back. With a real weapon the trigger should be in the back. They should have put the zoom in the front. Also on a side note my little nephews loved it. Remember they are marketing this to everyone. This definitely has the original zapper appeal to a generation that has never seen it before. I think fun was had by all at my house who have played it and for some people it fills in that void of wanting to stalk enemies with gun in hand.

  23. *Sigh* this is what I get for going to a fanboy site. (Sorry, I figure I can say that since I am one) I’m unconvinced that this is worth my time and money. The game looks like a fun little diversion, but seriously guys, it’s a hunk of plastic. I’m so disappointed in it, it looked cool at E3 when it was something that actually plugged into your wii remote, but all it does is hold your junk for you and I can handle my junk on my own just fine without some kind of plastic support.

  24. I just bought the crossbow training game and zapper last night. My husband and I absolutely love it. It is worth every penny.