Wii Zapper is soooo worth your $20…

… thanks to Link’s Crossbow Training.

It’s a great, albeit short game — most will finish it in about 1-2 hours. But then again it’s $20 and comes with a cool piece of thick plastic. I was initially frustrated with the third-person levels that require thumbstick movement, but after 10 minutes I was moving like a pro and rather enjoyed it. I earnestly look forward to playing more games using the Zapper after playing Crossbow.

Contrary to what other reviewers have been saying, the tommy-gun like peripheral does augment the gaming experience in my opinion. It takes some getting used to, but it feels as fresh and enjoyable as when I first pop-ed in Wii Sports a year ago.

And just because the Zapper is low tech doesn’t make it unworthy. The Wii’s low-tech, and that thing’s awesome.

Verdict: Buy this.

NOTE: Some stores including Target and GameStop are going against the $20 MSRP and charging $25 for the bundle. Go frugal if you can, but I’d say the package is worth $30 in the case you shell out $25.