Wii Zapper pack-in will be Zelda game

Wii Zapper ZeldaI’ve been *barely* on the fence about purchasing a Wii Zapper, and I still am today, although I’ve finally decided to swing over an entire leg as opposed to just parking my butt on it. Why? Because after defeating Twilight Princess and seeing the Phantom Hourglass hype build and build, I am officially a Zelda whore.That said, today I am at the mercy of the Wii Zapper, which will come packed with a Legend of Zelda crossbow training game included in the $20 asking price.

From ars technica to Joystiq, via a GameStop conference:

Apparently Gamestop managers meeting for their annual conference have been told that the Wii Zapper will launch with pack-in game Zelda Crossbow Training. As Ars Technica’s source told them, “The game looked beautiful. I’m pretty sure it was running on the Twilight Princess engine. It’s a third-person game, and you had some control over Link.”

Sure, I’ll probably only use the Zapper to play the crossbow training game before I discard it to that dusty corner that contains my Virtual Boy (Mario Tennis, virtual edition still locked into the unit’s rosy red frame)… but it’s Zelda people. I am powerless.