Wii Sports Resort could be the must-have title… of 2009

With the keynote and its subsequent distractions now safely behind us all, we can start to focus on the real gems coming out of E3 this year. One title in particular that appears to be rising head and shoulders above the rest is apparently just a tech demo. That’s right, it’s Wii Sports Resort, and the initial impressions over at Kotaku today have me feeling all 2005, all over again.

What we have is literally an incomplete demo of Wii Sport Resort, just like Wii Sports back at an E3 long gone. And, just like it was then, this title is grabbing people by the balls Wiimotes and not letting go. Well, at least one-and-a-half of the three games on display is, but then again, that’s just like how Wii Sports bowling was back in the day. Are we seeing a pattern yet?

Kotaku’s Brian Crecente:

The precision of the controls was, in a word, astounding. I found that I could move the tip of the sword around in tight figure eights, an old training exercise from my fencing days. I also didn’t have to rely on broad swings from either side and above to hit my opponent […] The game had a little trouble keeping up with fast attacks, but if I slowed my attacks down a bit it was easy to direct and land attacks and parries. The best two-out-of-three matches left me thirsting for me [sic]. I can see this being the top game of the pack unless they drop something just as spectacular in the remainder of the games.

After being laughed off the stage, Nintendo is once again content to let the software do the talking.