Wii Play North American launch draws near

After a slight delay, Wii Play is set to drop February 12. With the wild success of Wii Sports however, I have to wonder aloud if this is going to be a colossal dud — Wiimote pack-in or not.

Over at Wii Fanboy, the comments are disconcerting, as people in Europe who’ve had this game since launch day are calling the title a one-day-and-done affair (if that). I think someone even said they’d rather be playing the games you get with Microsoft Windows.

I’m all for new games that showcase the Wiimote’s capabilities, but as Rollin has argued, too many mini-games could typecast the system and limit its range. And if the mini-games start to stink, as Wii Play looks it might, that’s even worse. Good thing Wario Ware: Smooth Moves is on the horizon to stamp out the stink quick if it should begin to meander throughout the Web.

Could our European and Japanese readers weigh in on this one?

[Thanks, MisterInvisible!]