GameBoy Micro Secret Jack

GameBoy Micro secret jackA clever GameBoy Micro owner, John Tokash, discovered a secret/hidden jack on his GBM. He speculates that it could be used for a smart faceplate.

My guess is that it’s for a Micro VR helmet (I’m only joking), what do you think it does? Is it on your Micro?

[Source: Gizmodo]


  1. I love this kind of stuff. Every time someone finds one of these wierd little odds and ends that Nintendo have left draped around, my fanboy organ skips a beat.

  2. Hmm…that’s interesting. I bet it’s nothing much…

  3. So that’s where the headphone jack is!

  4. I’m still waiting for them to tell me what the port on the bottom of my NES was for..

  5. looks a bit like an ordinary reset button to me…but that may be related to the low res image! 🙂 Guess it´s nothing worth mentioning if they hide it under the faceplate. May also be some sort of serial developer port…

  6. Smart Faceplate sounds interesting…
    Hmmm….maybe you can plug in the Play-Yan micro with an SD card and a WiFi Faceplate (acts like an antenna) and you can download GB, GBC and (maybe) GBA games to your GBm O.o

  7. Actually, I’ve heard that there IS a way to hook up a LED faceplate for the micro… Maybe that’s how…


  8. Yeah, here’s a link to the light-up faceplate. And I’m almost positive that this is what you found…


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