The Genius behind the Game Boy Micro

Launch a redesign (micro) of an already great portable system (advance SP) right on the heals of your competitor’s far more powerful system release (PSP). This was a gutsy and very tactful move by Nintendo. Chutzpah! Have you seen the blogs and media outlets today? They are all talking about the GameBoy micro (you’d think the thing was an iPod mini or something). Gadget geeks already want to scoop them up and it’s stealing a lot of thunder from the PSP. Not that this will win a portable war, but let’s just say it’s a big battle won. It keeps people thinking about gameboy, people obviously want to buy it more as a cool gadget than a gaming device, and it buys Nintendo more time to further develop the next GameBoy in response to the PSP.

Let’s face it, the GameBoy and DS are already selling well, this move just ensures that Nintendo is still the man to beat in the portable market. Even given the PSP’s far more superior hardware. I think this was the best business move made at E3 this year. Nice work Nintendo. Now if we can only get you to reconsider your nappy PowerPoints! Yikes.


  1. I agree. Nintendo did well with the Micro announcement. I originally thought the screen would be too small, but looking at the image of Reggie (or whoever it was holding it), I sized it up with the GBA cart as a reference and I think it’s as small as you’ll get a screen while still being functional.

    One way they could have blown Sony’s PSP away, is by adding an SD Card port, like the Revolution is going to include, and allowing the micro to play MP3s. I don’t believe it would take much. Screw WiFi and the other battery hungry features, if this could replace my GBA SP AND act like a iPod shuffle if I chose to buy and SD card, then they’d have a killer device on their hands.

    I still want one, though. I know there’s a GBA MP3 cart, but really, having first party support can’t be beaten.

  2. you know you can import Play-Yan Micro…. and its firts Party … 😉

    just google Play Yan Micro 😀

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