Virtual Console preview videos galore

Nintendo has created a nice Virtual Console site with videos for practically all of the available titles. While it’s not exactly the downloadable demos that some people have hoped for, it will at least provide a quick glimpse and help you decide if a game is worth the asking price.

Playing Lode Runner on my C=64 was a real treat as a young gamer, so Battle Lode Runner was on my must get list. After checking out the gameplay video, Nintendo just lost a sale. It also shows the flaws within their pricing scheme; you can’t tell me that Pinball is worth the same number of points as Punch Out. I guess it’s fair to say that these games were priced the same upon their original release in the late 80’s, so you’re really just paying for nostalgia.

Since the Wii Shopping Channel is basically a web page, I’d love to see these video previews show up within the channel. Do you think these videos will help or hinder sales for the Virtual Console?