Video: Hero of Time Remix

Enjoy this remix of sounds from over two decades of Legend of Zelda games! Artist Jeesh, from United Kingdom, crafted a splendid piece of music using songs and sounds from LoZ. All entries appear in this video — even from the CD-I games! So go ahead — click that link to soothe your ears.

Source: YouTube

4 Responses to Video: Hero of Time Remix

  1. Yes, something nice for every Zelda fan. Love it!

  2. Rakim Reid says:

    Although some fans may disagree, it is nice to see the CD-I clips make an appearance, too!

  3. Kayvon says:

    Agreed, although the CD-i games only exist because of a contractual technicality. It’s great to see them still be celebrated no matter how awfully received they were! 🙂

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