Wii outsells PS3 6:1 in Japan

Wii vs. PS3The mountain of Nintendo grows ever higher this morning as Reuters (via CNET, via Enterbrain) reports that the plucky little Wii has bested the obsidian monolith PS3 by a ratio of 6:1.And the best part? Wii’s momentum is going UP month over month.

Nintendo sold 270,974 units of the Wii in the four weeks ended June 24, compared with 41,628 units for the PS3 and 17,616 units for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, according to data from Enterbrain.

The Wii’s lead against the PS3 was 4 to 1 in April and 5 to 1 in May.

Hey, at least Sony still has Australia, right?

[Image courtesy of Aeropause]