Monthly Wii production ramps to 2.4 million

Oompa doompa-dee-do, Nintendo is ramping production for you.

In an interview today with the Los Angeles Times, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says the company has increased monthly Wii production to 2.4 million units.

He doesn’t name any names, but Fils-Aime also takes a jab at Sony.

“One of our competitors projects they will sell 10 million consoles worldwide this year. For us, that’s three months of production,” says Fils-Aime. “We’re producing an unprecedented level of hardware to try to meet demand.”

Nintendo is producing 33 percent more Wii units per month than last year, when 1.6 million were being made. Despite record production, Fils-Aime won’t promise Wii will be easy to find this holiday season.

“Once you see it on the shelf, you ought to buy it.”