Wii Launch Guide hits Best Buy

The Wii Launch Guide has hit Best Buy stores, and includes some sweet little coupons for $5 off a select few games, as well as a free Twilight Princess Strategy Guide if you purchase TP and Excite Truck on the same receipt. Not too shabby, as every little bit saved helps when you (read: me) plan on spending a small fortune in one shot on launch day.

Via Gaming Bits:

The back page has $5 off coupons for the following Wii games:
– Call of Duty 3 (and GameCube version)
– Marvel Ultimate Alliance (and GameCube version)
– Tony Hawk (and GameCube version)
– Elebits
– Super Monkey Ball

Nice that they include the GameCube versions too, for those folks opting to not get or wait out the purchase of the Wii.

[Thanks, Rivithed]