Review: Kirby Canvas Curse

Slashdot has some very favorable things to say about Kirby Canvas Curse giving the game a 9/10 and calling it one of the few games today that is just “fun.”

Any readers out there want to post your thoughts on the game?

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  1. Nice review and it’s on /. 😀
    I can’t wait to get the game, but I have to wait till November or import (means: wait till December 😉 )
    But then I want soo many games that come out in Spetember it’s good they make a short break 😉

  2. Excellent game, I would give it an 8/10. Though I can easily see why someone would score it higher. I had a blast playing and it’s presentation is well executed. A definate buy for any DS owner out there who has yet to experience the game.

  3. Kirby, Meteos, and Nanostray must haves for all DS owners.

  4. And I’m getting all three from the US right now 😀
    Too bad it’ll take soo lonjg till they come out over here 🙁
    IF Nanostray comes at all…
    I heard it’s pretty hard to find that game….
    Have you found a copy ? Bought it ? What’s it like ?

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