Wal-Mart gushes over Wii with 30-page buyer’s guide

Wal-Mart is all over the Wii today with a 30-page Wii Buyer’s Guide, complete with explainers, interviews, game profiles and ads for upcoming games.

Said blogger biffsputnik: “The guide, brought to you by Wal-Mart and IGN, devotes several pages to explaining exactly what the Wii is and how it works, with a full page dedicated to the Wii Remote, and another for the Nunchuck. The hardcore gamer that has been salivating over even the smallest Wii details (guilty) won’t find much new here, but there is a more extensive collection of games featured, with screenshots, than I have seen elsewhere so far.”

From IGN, and it has no flash-based ads? I don’t believe it.