Zatch Bell?

Where did this game come from? I’ve never even heard of it but it looks really slick. Comment if you got ’em.


  1. It’s an anime series that is already on air in America on Cartoon Network. Basically it’s pokemon with humoid-doll creatures. Though you can think of it more like Yu-Gi-Oh type show.

  2. Strange stuff O.o
    I’m not that much into Anime, so I’m not really interested…..
    But we’ll see….wasn’t too interested in Pokemon too….untill I played it 😉

  3. You run a Nintendo fansite and don’t even know about this game? This is almost as bad as when you asked us what Odama is.

  4. Yeah, it’s tough for me to keep up with every game out there, but I try my best.

  5. This game looks great, saw the E3 footage, and seriouslt cant wait 😀

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