Mystery Game Convention?

Ravenous wolves (Read: Nintendo fans) have been scouring the Internet the past couple days for any morsel of news they can sink their teeth into. It has left many fans wondering just when Nintendo will reveal the remaining cards in their hand? Only a few “anonymous cousins of Nintendo janitors” have been able to quench our desire to find out the truth. However, Matt Casamassina from IGN has revealed in his official blog an invitation to a mystery game convention. It reads:

“Please join us for a celebration of video games! Nintendo of America personally invites you to experience our upcoming line up with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.”

The invitation is dated for Thursday, September 14, 2006. However, the remaining text is blurred out. Could this be where Nintendo tells us the launch price and allows the North American media to preview the Wii’s launch titles? And what does the blurred text say? At the same time, Matt has been known to tease fans for the pure fun of it. And if this game convention is real, nothing would prevent Nintendo from announcing Mario Figure Skating and Star Fox: Slippy’s Rampage. If anything comes of this, we will let you know.

[Thanks to Joshua Daugherty]