Incredible Hulk Wii case mod

Incredible Hulk Wii case mod

Joseph Agrusa modified a Wii case to feature the Incredible Hulk.  He then put it on Ebay and 10% of the money he receives will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Looks pretty cool, but did he have to SMASH his Wii to make it work?

4 Responses to Incredible Hulk Wii case mod

  1. DmNt says:

    Not a big a fan of the Hulk, but that is pretty cool.

  2. Roddy says:

    That’s awesome. Wish I had that kinf od talent, or that it wouldn’t be so expensive to get one done.

  3. Olas says:

    The dedication and creativity that people put into styling their wiis never fails to amaze me

  4. Looks amazing…now I have to plot what to do to my Wii to top it.

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