Wii launch: Firm handshake, or limp fish?

First impressions. They matter. People use them to judge you at that important job interview and when you’re meeting the parents of your significant other. You will make one when you turn on the Wii for the first time this Sunday.

Here at Infendo — in addition to all the other chaotic posts we’re sure to put up regarding the Wii launch next week — we plan on filing our very first impressions of the Wii packaging, its titles, and the ever-important controller under a generic “First Impressions:” headline. What these posts will look like I couldn’t begin to tell you, because that true first impression — real live hands-on time — has not yet been logged.

In the spirit of the passionate discussion that has found a home on Infendo lately, we invite you to do the same in the comment section of these posts as they trickle in. It could be a single word, a Wii manifesto, a rant, or a simple sentence. There’s no need for polish, these are the raw thoughts that hit you when that blue light first flickered to life. Post first, think about it later. Try and remember the exact thought or image that flashed into your mind or caught your eye. Then comment away with rash abandon.

We’ll compile the best and make a post about it sometime next week. It will be a small dose of Internet fame. The perfect prize, no?