Nintendo profits more than double

Nintendo moneyReports that Nintendo is now stuffing the soft seating couches in its Kyoto headquarters with piles of extra yen are greatly exaggerated, I’m sorry to say.What’s not exaggerated is the fact that Nintendo reported its profits have more than doubled over the past six months to crazy happy fun time levels. Like $1.16 billion, or 132.42 billion yen, which is up from 54.35 billion this time last year.

USA Today:

The strong results spurred Nintendo to raise its profit forecast for the year through March to 275 billion yen ($2.40 billion), up from the 245 billion yen it forecast in July. Sales are forecast to rise 10% to 1.55 trillion ($13.55 billion).

The “it prints money!!1!” quotes are a bit overused these days, but I seriously think they’re starting to come true. With the big name titles still waiting in the wings for this system (and the DS too, let us not forget), this could get ugly.