Wii is more popular now than on launch day

There’s as much spin in video games PR these days as U.S. elections. That’s unfortunate but expected. So, with that in mind, take your salt and read this:

“Nintendo claims that its Nintendo Wii is more in demand now than it was when it launched last month. The console giant has told MCV that retailers have reported that they are receiving more requests for the system than ever. ‘Many retailers are reporting some instances of higher demand for Wii in the New Year than they had experienced for launch last year as word of mouth and interest in Wii continues to spread and grow,’ a Nintendo spokesperson told MCV.”

Note this was not uttered by Perrin Kaplan, so it’s more mostly true than usual.

On a another note, I have to attest to the longevity — so far — of my own Wii experience. I started off with Zelda and Wii Sports, then added Excite Truck, and topped it off with Madden. Zelda is taking a few hours out of my day lately, but that’s because I just found a certain sword and I have this weird crush on Midna. The other titles fill in the gaps when I get burned out on the Twilight Realm.

Has anyone else seen the popularity re-surge of the Wii first hand? (shelves still empty, people still calling you at EB Games, etc.?)