Infendo Radio: Zelda 3D, high-tops, rotary phones, and joypad ignorance


It’s a fun filled show. Listen in as Derek and I discuss the 3DS’s first must-have title (or lack thereof), growing up on touch controls, Derek’s optimal retro controller, Blake’s new high tops and more. Enjoy.

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Music: “Falling Apart” by Lagwagon and “Tiny Wings Theme.”


  1. I support motion control and touch screen over the alternative… the alternative would be mind-control.

    Buttons and such are great, but eventually they’ll be obsolete (not anytime soon, so don’t count them out yet) once newer technologies just offer better and faster interactions with video games. (Though I’m sure there will still be a market for button-involved games, it just most likely won’t be the main one in the future)

    But yeah, I prefer them to eye/mind/sense-controlled games. …because though those alternatives may be faster and more precise, they really would be taking games to the wrong dimension in my honest opinion. (While games help you escape reality, I think they should benefit reality more – – seeing a bunch of kids hooked up to a machine and barely moving for the entire day doesn’t seem too great of a future to me)

  2. Wait…who won Mystery Contest??

    Also, I will support the new Derek Console.

  3. Derekbox 2600. The last console with buttons.

  4. I vote for Infendocast 8600.

  5. In the beginning of the episode you guys mention having to dust off your 3DS. I know that this is true for some people. To give you my personal experience, I bought the console the day after it came out and I’ve only not played it one or two days that whole time. This was in part because I just ran out of time between all my other responsibilities.

    I have been playing PilotWings Resort; I really want to hit 100% on the game but it is starting to kick my butt in the diamond section. Also, I’ve been playing Links Awakening and Donkey Kong. Other than that I find myself messing around with 3D pictures and playing Nintendogs + Cats from time to time.

    I am really “jonesing” to play some OoT 3D, but I have to wait at least until my birthday. I think my wife may be picking it up for me, along with that bottle of port I asked for :D!

    Anyways, this is my first time listening to the show, I really like the way it’s structured. Keep up the good work!

  6. Your console should be called the Infendo Entertainment System (IES)!

  7. I like the new technologies, touch and motion control, but I don’t think that all gaming should move to this. Really it depends on the game. Say puzzle games like tetris don’t need you to point at anything, just pressing a button makes more sense and is easier/faster. Even with some games where it may make sense, like FPSs, it can be easier and faster to have button rather than aiming at your tv. I think both are fun in different ways though so it’s just a matter of how the player and producers want to play the games.
    I also learned today that people really hold onto nostalgia. To me things are generally the way I remember them. When the N64 launched (which I remember, I wanted it for xmas) I thought it was cool that it was 3d, but I noticed that everything were polygons. I didn’t think this was as real as it gets but I did think it was advanced for the time. I still don’t think we are at as real as it gets. Games I liked growing up I still like and for the same reasons.
    I also heard the “Zelda OOT is so great just cuz” and not any real reasons again. I’ve finally heard some more reasons why people like it but I think it gets a lot of nostalgia. I’d still rather play a great puzzle game, a great story driven game, a great platformer, a great action game, rather than 1 game that is ok at most of these aspects.
    And ya who won the Mystery Contest, I thought it was supposed to be announced