Wii Internet + Bluetooth keyboard = GOLD (if it existed)

My lovefest with Aeropause continues: If I had a wireless (or even USB) keyboard with my Wii, I’d never surf the Internet with a browser on a PC ever again.

Now that I’m back on said crappy Windows machine, I find that there’s just no replacement for a keyboard. And there you have it: the single feature that sets using the Wii Internet Channel apart from using a web browser on a computer. I wish I could surf with the Wii Remote all the time, and type with a keyboard as needed. If I could do that, I’d probably do most everything on the Wii browser and let Windows rot.

A quick aside unrelated to this post: I, for one, don’t understand people who criticize free things. Like anyone who criticizes the final build of the Wii Browser. Or the Everybody Votes Channel. Both are optional downloads and both are completely free. And both perform exactly as advertised. No one said browsing on the Wii was going to be revolutionary. With a keyboard, however, they might start.