Dream Wii Channel

Wii Dream ChannelFellow Nintendo ninjas over at Nintendojo are asking an interesting question today: What’s your favorite Wii Channel? So far, I think the whole Channel thing’s been hot and cold for a lot of people. Whereas I enjoy periodically checking the weather (from 7 hours ago) and surfing the Net for a few minutes from my couch, others see it as the plague. Well, something like that anyway.

But the Metroid advertisement preview channel has shown us all that new twists can be applied to old ideas with these Channels, and the upcoming Wii Ware overhaul that will see independently developed downloadable games should prove an interesting experiment, to say the least.

I’m not going to steal Nintendojo’s thunder and ask what your favorite channel is. For that, go over there and enjoy. Here at Infendo though, I want to know what your dream channel would be. Obviously, since this is Nintendo we’re talking about, pr0n and such is immediately disqualified from this impromptu poll.

What would your Dream Wii Channel offer? What would it look like? What would it do? Comment away.

[Blake, for the tip win!]