Wii Hacked to be Region Free


Apparently WiiBrew dev “Crediar” has released a Wii menu hack that allows you to edit some of the internal settings of the Wii. (Which could prove to be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.)  You could say this is similar to the DVD Hack that was seen a few days ago, where you could play and watch DVDs on your Wii. However, Starfall is a hack that unlocks many of the Wii’s internal services, including games and certain channels, to become region free.

With this you can finally run that copy of Dairantou Smash Brothers X you bought thinking the Wii was region free to begin with, or even go and import some games that would never come out here. Let us all go and get that shinkansen game “Densha de Go!”. All in all, this is some interesting developements since WiiBrew developers seem to be doing amazing things with the Wii. I wonder what Nintendo’s response to all of this is going to be.

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