Wii countdown clocks in Europe?

It’s late here in the States, but there’s a major rumor rumbling across the pond in Europe.

The rumor? Only that Wii “Countdown Clocks” are scheduled to be installed by Nintendo marketing teams at the Virgin Megastore and other locations throughout the U.K. tomorrow (August 14). If the clocks are actually activated tomorrow or in the very near future, the most elusive next-gen console launch date (and launch price, hopefully) will be known by all thanks to the glorious instant gratification provided by the Internet. It will also mark — in days, hours and minutes — the amount of time I have left before the curb outside of my local Best Buy/Target/Whoever has Wii’s for sale, will own my butt for the 18 or so hours I must camp out there in order to obtain one of these systems.

And, if this one is true, you Europeans can’t complain about not getting things before us Yanks or the Japanese ever, ever again.

[Thanks, Giever]