How one mass retailer describes game consoles

I stumbled on an advertisement from Circuit City a while back and got a chuckle in how they described current-gen game consoles, namely the Xbox 360, the Wii, and the PlayStation 3. Not that there’s anything wrong with plain, familiar (albeit cliched) language; it’s just funny to read the following marketing copy from a minutia-obsessed perspective (read: us). Here’s what the retailer had to say about each console in the following order:

Xbox 360. Xbox 360 was the first of this new generation of consoles, and still holds strong. High definition graphics and exclusive games make this an easy choice for hardcore players. And with the Xbox Live online community, you can play against your friends down the block, or across the country.

Nintendo Wii. The Wii delivers a whole new way to game. The break-through feature of a motion sensitive remote puts the player right in the action (whereas gamers were only sorta in the action before motion-controls, right?). Play tennis or bowling just like you would in the real world. Playing the game is so active, some have claimed to have lost weight from the hard-hitting workout you get.

Playstation 3. (They misspelled the uppercase “S” in the title.) PlayStation 3 (spelled correctly here) offers up amazing graphics and visuals in this gaming platform. With a new cutting-edge (and difficult to develop for) processor, this next-generation hardware puts you in the middle of a dirt bike race with life-like details you can’t find elsewhere.

So how befitting is each description?