Why I Love Mom-and-pop Shops

Pictured below is arguably one of the sweetest gaming deals I’ve ever landed. Thanks to Mario’s, a local game store, I purchased a slightly used Gameboy Micro with Super Mario Advance 2 for a mere $79 bucks. In an effort to compete with the big boys, the store only sells used games. But they have a huge selection and every now and then some incredible sales. Even better than Ebay on occasion.

So run over to your local mom-and-pop shop and see what they offer. And in the process, stick it to the man (cough, cough: EB Games, Walmart, etc). ‘Tis the season for sweet deals indeed.


  1. Awesome deal, I love how the mirco looks with the glare

  2. I wish I had a mom and pop shop that sold games. I’ve considered that as a career option for the future too, opening my own. Of course I would need to find a mom.

  3. When I was at the Nintendo World Store, earlier this week, they had a deal for a GB Micro & DK King of Swing for $89!

  4. wow that is an awesome deal.
    I’ve very jealous.
    Wish I could find a momnpop store around here

  5. No momnpops in Houston. *sad*

  6. Mom and Pop stores work both ways though. I just wanna find a deal on Donkey Konga.

  7. My first GBA was from a mom&pop. Got it for around 60 bucks.

    Speaking of mom and pops, last night i discovered that the one closest to me had changed their sign. The significance is that they’re apparently ahead of the curve– the logos displayed r now a bogus PS3 one, the real 360 one, that fake “Revo” with the curvy R, DS, and PSP. They dropped all the current consoles. The cool thing though is that the sign is now red, with Mario in the center. Looks badical.

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