New GBA Confirmed

We spotted the rumored new backlit GBA SP at a local retailer tonight. So if you had any doubt, you can squash it now. Does this change any of your thoughts on the Micro?

[Source: Infendo’s wee-bitty eyes]


  1. First of all, do you remember the price? And depending on what it is, I wouldn’t see why people would by this over the Micro, asides from a slightly bigger screen.

  2. $79 bucks like always. I could easily see this stealing sales from the Micro. I could be wrong but it just seems to be bad timing. Why not wait a little after the Micro was released.

  3. Heh and there is the AGT I was speaking of. 🙂

  4. Yeah, I think the timing is VERY strange :/
    But if SPOnG is right, it didn’t hurt the micros sales that bad….
    Thanks JB for the news 😀

  5. I think Nintendo might be overmilking this money cow

  6. I’ve got one of these backlit SP’s and they rock! Finally, Nintendo gave us a Game Boy (remember the DS isn’t a Game Boy) that displays the games LIKE THEY LOOK LIKE ON THE BOXES! I was going to buy a Micro (for the brighter screen) but got one of these instead. BTW, I saw that Fry’s is selling the older models for $63.

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